DOJSRC | ESX | Drugs | Always Hiring | Whitelisted Ems Police Fire | Whitelisted Mafia & Gangs| Custom Scripts | More Than 300 Cars | Friendly Staff | Active Members | Discord

DOJSRC offers real life aspect and serious RP, We offer a large variety of things to do, roles to play and jobs to make money, such as DJ at the club, Stand-up comedy, Drug dealer/user, Homless bum, realistic Farming, Police, EMS, Doctor, Fireman, We have Gangs which control territory and can sell drugs, guns etc. You are allowed to create your own gang with friends, claim territory and build up to take over rival gang territories to claim as your own, if successful, the options are endless. Vanilla Unicorn is open 24hrs and provides all the pleasure a man can need. Come have a great time.

Things we look for to be considered for a Member: Maturity, Leadership ability, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills. We also look for great Communication and how you interact with citizens and fellow members.

Department Highlights

  • You can patrol as any law enforcement agency (Police Department, State Police or Blaine County Sheriff)
  • No vehicle structure by rank
  • Different scenarios
  • Custom handling lines
  • Custom tuning
  • Join any Department you want

Some other things to look for:
When you join our city you will have a good time with others around your block some might be rich. Some might be affiliated in a mafia who know this city is crazy fun and to me man. It stands out nothing like I have ever been in before when you join the city you might aswell bring popcorn and a coke. with you cause it’s gonna feel like your life is a movie haha come by and while your at it treat yourself to a customizable house, and watch out for those cops they bite.

Our Discord this link you can click :slight_smile:

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I like this server been in it for 2 years and I still love it the dev is super good and very busy on the server constantly pushing updates :heart: love you joe (no homo) lol but he has a lot of custom scripts and stuff very good would recommend it


Hello We are glad to hear that from you, we love to hear does kinda comments from members and we will love to see some new faces in the city!!