Dodge Hellcat Stanced with little Hydrulics

Dodge Hellcat stanced showcase video and pics:

Dodge Hellcat stanced with small hydrulics

Price: 30.00$ EURO

Link for purchase on tebex:

Dodge Venom Demon:


Please watch the video to see how the hydrulics work

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This is only a base game feature on a custom vehicle anyone can do this by literally putting FLAG_DROP_SUSPENSION_WHEN_STOPPED and your selling it on a custom vehicle either make it free or dont put it up, its useless otherwise to get money from people that dont know this. In Vehicle Meta Right Here and your car will do this (there is some handling values u need to edit) but people can ask that in other threads where its respected. Just please understand you are just reselling Rockstar Assets And Ripping the people that dont know off.


first of all its not common and people dont know about it second of all why the hell are you trying to ruin my sale? Does that make you feel happy or something? Delete the comment and leave now if you dont want to buy.

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is this model made by you?

yeah with some littile assest

What are the Polygons and Vertices count? And features other then the “stanced/hydrulics” stuff?

Also did you make the car from scratch or just convert it to GTA ?

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no i started it from scratch it with some help of a friend

If you wan’t everyone to believe you add a Zmod picture of it in here then.

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30$ for this??? or you out of your damn mind! i can get the same car on GTA5-Mods with Bodykit customization and the template. and the whole hydraulic thing is easy to add to the meta.

go then and do it no need to tell me this.

if your not here to purchase the car then just leave he didnt put it here to hear you all whine and bicker btw nice car

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yeah man i know these people just want to ruin each others sales by claiming that this vehicle model that i spent nearly 2 days on was made by GTA5 Mods creators and thanks.

i bought just wont let me get access, help?

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please check your dm

I sent you a link on your purchase email have fun with it!

This looks ALOT like mansaugs hellcat. Nice car tho.

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mansungs? whos that?

well mine is stanced and haves small hydrulics system