Do i need both couchdb and mysql for my dedicated server?

I was wondering if i need to be using both mysql and couch db or am i supposed to be using both?

You don’t have to use either one of them.

It’s up to you?

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wat. I thought that you for sure needed one or the other or both to add things lik es_mode and jobs and food…?

Well I am trying to setup EssentialMode and it wont work the DataBase on couchdb wont show up but it says on console it’s started up but it doesn’t work ingame? help?

The whole thing with essential mode and five m is so crappy. I been trying to get this stupid thing working for the past 8 days and everyone on this forums isn’t any help. I finally got my essential mode working with couch db then my damn server goes off the list and friends can’t connect to it by direct ip… if it isn’t one thing it’s another…

Like @boron said, you dont really need neither of them but if you are looking to get started with most of the releases around here I recommend you use the old essentialmode, as most of the releases are accommodated towards it, because of the mysql support. @Jsturnage There are not a lot of devs willing to help towards couchdb because they simply dont have the time to support the huge amount of scripts out here that dont support couchdb or the latest essentialmode release. Unless you know what youre doing and can work on your own project with couchdb, I dont recommend using it quite yet.

A Guy spend his time to make a Tutorial for Installing and Setup basics for ES Mode. Link to the post (

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