DMV Roleplay

You looking for a server that is brand new? Want a fresh start? DMV Roleplay may be the place for you. We have 150+ add-on cars, custom police eup, and 100+ maps to explore!

We are brand new and we are looking for more players to join and help build up our community. Our staff is filled with nice people who are very kind and willing to help you. Since we are a new server, the higher staff will actually talk to you, maybe become your friend. We are willing to have a community where everyone feels like they are apart of a family, it makes people feel like they are actually apart of something!

This is a vMenu based server, but we are strict about it. If you are caught doing something you aren’t supposed to be doing, action will be taken. But we know that won’t happen, because everyone isn’t going to need to ruin other peoples fun so they could have fun, because we are a server that makes you feel welcome.

So join DMV Roleplay today! We plan on seeing you soon!

Discord Link: DMV Roleplay

DMV ROleplay