DMCA complaint (fake or not)?

Hi guys,

this week i have received abuse report from my hosting provider by mail (this is not fake, I have ask my hosting provider if the ticket is from them):

It looks like someone contacted them through their abuse form for my Fivem server. Do you think this is a false abuse report? Do you think this is really from Rockstar Games or is it someone with bad intentions (fake abuse report)? You think i risk something?

Thanks all.

Im pretty sure if it was from rockstar your systems would be down before you even got the email as they have many lawyers.

prob just some butt hurt kid mad at you.


I do agree slightly with @ElusionPDX. However someone has used OVH’s report abuse feature, OVH have reviewed it and forwarded it to you. I don’t believe they would forward something to you “from a fake rockstar” without some sort of confirmation, I do believe using OVH you can call for a DMCA counter notice which if you provide valid information to, can be sent back to the original complainant. However when I said i agree with the comment above, if Rockstar seriously cared and spent the time sending threatening emails to FiveM servers I can almost guarantee the email would of been so long and include so many filler words to intimidate you. However someone has still done a complaint so you should technically clear it up instead of ignoring it.

The DMCA complaint clearly links you to a specific page. So most likely you used an official GTA logo, or something along those lines. Remove it an you should be fine.

This is fake, clearly. R* never was against using their official assets taken from their website (downloads page).
Also, Rockstar Games Interactive, lol.

Project FiveM is an alternative multiplayer service containing code that facilitates hacking.

Another nonsense which has nothing to do with “DMCA complaint”.

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