DLC count mismatch after update

Hi to everyone.

last time I run Fivereborn (today) it made an update (5.30 Megabytes) and now, when I try to connect to my LAN server or online server I receive a DLC count mismatch message. It says that I have 76 DLC locally but 85 DLC are expected and I have not all core updates. As I’m using Reloaded version (1.33) I can’t have all updates. What can I do? Is there any way to skip the update (I have a backup of previous Fivereborn release)?
Before this update all worked fine for me.
Thanks in advance for your help.

Same here

@jwbjnwolf said in DLC count mismatch after update:

Buy the game if you want support. If you use a cracked copy, you’re on your own!

We have the real version of the game, it’s the new update.

@jwbjnwolf said in DLC count mismatch after update:

I’m assuming that they’ve updated the game version used to the lastest version of the game, so if you can’t update to the latest game update because of a crack, only one thing to do, buy the game then you can update.

There is only 3 legimate versions of the game, disk copy, rockstar social club copy, which the disk copy is the same to, and then steam. There is no other versions except the console versions

I bought my version through steam before it came out and I’m having the same problem as them.

@jwbjnwolf This is what I am seeing when I join

Having the same problem with the social club version, i’m banned from online for cheating but it doesn’t matter I think.

@Blacky25 said in DLC count mismatch after update:

Having the same problem with the social club version, i’m banned from online for cheating but it doesn’t matter I think.

I’m not banned so I don’t think It would matter

I fixed it (I think)

I used a copy of the GTA folder for fivereborn (because I use mods on the main game, so I have a clean install). So I just copied the most recent version of GTA 5 to the copied folder just for fivereborn and then it worked (copy and replace).

its a workaround its still running 505.2

So what is the root to fix this problem!?

Hi to all forumers,

Yes, everybody know that Reloaded is a crack, me too.
But here I never read that Fivereborn was created only for legit owners. If I had a legit copy I could play online without third part software.
I don’t think that Fivereborn creators had only legit owners in their mind.
If it’s so, ok, I’m wrong but I’m still very grateful to these people and I’m sure that a lot of people here have cracked GTA5.
I’ll try to play with a non updated release if possible.
There are many reasons to explain why I don’t own the game, not only money related, but I don’t think this is the place to talk about it.


The game doens’t cost that much now, and why don’t you like to support the developers? I think if more cracked versions are playing fivereborn the risk is getting higher that fivereborn will be a target of rockstar games to shutdown.

@epbort This may also very well be a bug where the necessary dlcs aren’t all downloaded. Will take a look at it.

@0x420 thank you for your kind reply.
If you, a developer of Five Reborn pay attention to my question, this make me happy because here I was considered worst than a criminal.
I read the Announcements and in the “WELCOME TO FIVE REBORN” topic, wrote by Boss I can’t find any word about legit or non legit copies.
Anyway I’m using, by now, Fivereborn previous version. My sons play in LAN at home on three different PCs and are very happy.
They want to send to all developers here all their gratitude for making this possible.

@epbort You just can’t play without updater GTA.

Anyways its quite simple the error says whats wrong. And @0x420 will take a look at it.