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With our community growing, so is our activity. If you are looking for a community that is centered around Roleplay this is the server for you. We are new player friendly, LGBTQ friendly. Come check us out today.

We recently pushed through a mid patch hotfix for Patch 3.2.5. In this hotfix was:

  • Updated some vehicle handling

  • Removed Crouch Shooting

  • Added Royals gang + HQ

  • Fix attempt to issue with cars coming out smoking from garages

We are constantly committed to improving the experience in the server and update and do hotfixes regularly so that everyone continues to have fun.

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Distinct’s Los Santos has some beautiful trails to hike on, as well as gorgeous beaches to swim at, and amazing nightlife aesthetic for you to drive around and see! There is a bit of something for everyone to enjoy whatever type of scenery they most like!

This just in, we have released another hotfix that is effective immediately:


  • Added a new Heist. Find out in RP soon!

We are constantly updating our server to improve the experience for our players. Apply today and come have a good time.

Distinct RP has the occasional wildlife sighting! Whether be the cutest little bunny, to dolphins and sharks in the water! Maybe even the occasional not-so normal animals! Some may be looking for a home, while others just want to roam free and enjoy the affections from those two-legged creatures in the bustling city!

This just in, we have released another hotfix that is effective immediately:


  • Attempted Exploit Abuse on carry has been fixed.

  • New rule changes to better improve enjoyable city life.

Currently Update 3.3 is in development and poised to be one of our biggest updates yet. Join today to experience all the exciting fun leading up to new and exciting things.

We heard our community, and we can now confirm that our Development Team has now officially started the process of preparing the next update for our server.

The Patch will be called Journeys Uncharted.

This patch is going to be community drive, and we took feedback and suggestions from our community to make our home a better place.

Our community has pulled together some great events the last week including a Gothic Prom, Grand opening of the Yellow Jack, and a Race to the Rave event. The city is always alive with fun and new things that open the door for new citizens to join and meet other people and find their home with us.

Distinct RP has plenty of photoshoot opportunities! There is several scenic places to go whether it be the amusement park, or somewhere filled with nature! If you want to be matching with your friends, family, or loved ones you totally can be! We have plenty of clothes to choose from at the several clothing stores!

DistinctRP is having their Governor Debate

This debate is for everyone to attend before final elections tomorrow on 3/30/24.
We will have our four candidates to answer all questions. Here is a picture of our candidates in the running.

And the results are in! Your next governor for the new term is none other than Paul Harris!

This result comes after a rather fiery debate the night before lasting 2 hours. It was a rather close race down to the very in with the last votes coming in seconds before polls closed.

This is democracy at its finest as we usher in a new term and await to see what will come out of it.

Been in this city for 7 months now and its been the best city ever, all the interactions with everyone is a amazing feeling and getting to know newcomers, ones stationed here as home and returning flyers. All the different scenes and stories put by those in the city are worth the experience.

We here at DistinctRP have released Patch 3.3 Journeys Uncharted today. This was a major patch that our development team worked very hard on based off of the community feedback we received.

To read our latest patch notes, please join our Discord, apply for Whitelist and join us today!

With 3.3 dropping bringing in clothes, cars, and new things to try out we’ve also gained some new games to play with your friends! One being dance, dance revolution as well as basketball, paintball and so much more! Whether you want to hone your skills and kick butt at it, or just mess around with friends!

DistinctRP has released two hotfix’s within the last 4 days. These two hotfix’s were put in place immediately to fix:

  • Lockpicking updated to ps-ui minigame
  • Vehicle locking fixed
  • Pillbox check in fixed for EMS on duty
  • Phone charging prices reduced
  • EMS numbers now correctly displays on player menu (Key: Home)
  • Removed option for Jail out of MDT (With new reports as of today)
  • Fixed female jacket that was removing tattoos
  • Ghost phone text notifications fixed on restart

And more…

Club 77 opened it’s doors for the first time today. The theme was Cyber Rave.

The Turnout was amazing for new comers and old players alike.

Just as Matteo Rose shows in these lovely photos, has several different car types to choose from! Motorcyclist? Awesome, we have plenty to choose from of those as well! Or perhaps you prefer something to cruise in, something antique esque? We have those! Wanna live out your dreams of being a street racer? We have plenty of sports cars to choose from! There is something for everyone to enjoy driving around in! Join today to see the selection!

Our Developers have been busy hard at work for the community. We released a hotfix effective now:


  • Redzones now give more varied loot.
  • Redzone messages are all different, depending on status of crate.
  • Two redzones a day now - Redzone times changed
  • Most Heists updated - Hacks are varied and harder (have fun!)
  • Removed buggy fingerprint hack from heists
  • Dispatch now shows all heists
  • Fixed Vangelico Safe
  • Added Progress Bar to Looting Bank Truck
  • Crouch Shooting removed(again )
  • Traffic Stop and Backup Request for PD fixed
  • Gang stashes, garages and changing rooms added for WL gangs.
  • Car Handlings Updated
  • Added a new Blueprint

:boxing_glove::star2: Get ready for the ultimate showdown at Yellow Jacks Fight Night on April 27th at 6pm GMT! :star2::boxing_glove:

Join us for an evening packed with pulse-pounding action as fighters step into the ring to battle it out for glory. The stakes are high, with the winner taking all of it home!

From jaw-dropping knockouts to nail-biting decisions, every match promises to keep you on the edge of your seat. Don’t miss your chance to witness the intensity and skill as fighters give their all to emerge as the ultimate champion.

Grab your friends and head to Yellow Jacks on April 27th at 6pm GMT for a night you won’t forget. See you ringside! :boxing_glove::trophy: