Discord Ban

Was banned from the Discord for apparently telling someone to revert server artifacts. I was muted before I could finish explaining that it would probably still be broken on an older artifact. Don’t really see how it’s fair to ban someone over that. I’ve contributed to the project and have helped provide repros and server and client dumps for crashes. To assume I’m an idiot and ban me is largely unfair.
The other dumps and such could be searched for in the Discord.

Edit: Unbanned now, thanks

I was banned as well, the one you were talking to. Reverting/playing with the server artifacts or wiping my server’s cache had fixed the issue. No changes in my script whatsoever. I have also contributed to the project, answered development questions, and have supported via Patreon since OneSync was offered; They banned me as well. Not quite sure what happened there.

Try to join now, I was un-banned.

I was banned for telling the moderators off for pinging @everyone in every single channel, annoying over 247,000 people in total. That’s plain abuse of power, didn’t know the moderators were biased.

I got banned also for alerting the mods that people were spamming all chats yesterday the mod team is very abusive towards new members and server owners me personal i will not be funding anymore money into fivem until this abuse stop if youd like to know the abusive staff member its was Era but It won’t matter as he’ll probably ban me on here for making this post against him but oh well it was a good ride boys