Discord Ban Appeal ["harassment"]


I was having an issue with FiveM launching about an hour ago and was trying to provide bubble with as much information as I could to try to remedy the issue and got caught in a ban wave that followed because people were being rude to him, I apologize for commenting during the situation and it won’t happen again, I use the discord to fix a lot of issues and barely speak in it, I would just like to be unbanned if at all possible please.

Discord: NeroHiro#0001

do these type of appeals get looked at often? I use the FiveM discord for various server related things and I just want to see if this is worth pursuing

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Most likely not because I think only really high mods get unban perms. You can try and mention the mod group but not sure it’ll get anywhere I’ve never seen appeals get replied to

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Dunno if you can bump threads but just wondering if a staff member can take a look at this. I dont even know how to mention the mod groups to see if they can take a look.