[Discontinued] Simple Banking 2.0 - Now with GUI

Keep the resource name ‘banking’. This seems to fix the issue for most. When I can I am going to release an update so you can use whatever resource name you want. For now use ‘banking’ only.

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Note: I will not be updating this until this has been released: Should we move to ES3.0?

After that I will be rebuilding SB without any resource requirements. This also makes it much easier for me to implement the future features (such as savings accounts, business accounts, etc.) It will also (hopefully) be released with fixes to the current bugs. If you are currently using SB, you can NOT update your version of ESMode as this will break SB.

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This was the issue. It works now…

Is there any way to use this with the new essentials update?.. As it kinda broke my server. If not i guess ill just have to wait till the update.

@lifevg Nope, sorry!

@Kanersps has made a port of SB to the newest version of ESMode

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Hello, nice script but i have “not enought money” when i want to send money to a player :confused:

I renamed and customized essential folder… its called ENGINE now… what should i change in banking to make it work and show the balance?

Thanks !

i have unknowing on my simple banking i am new so any help would be great as the banking system is showing when i press e.

is there anywhere we can edit the distance of the bank/store triggering? just so people cant use them from outside and are forced to go inside to use them.


  • Check if player is near a bank
    function IsNearBank()
    local ply = GetPlayerPed(-1)
    local plyCoords = GetEntityCoords(ply, 0)
    for _, item in pairs(banks) do
    local distance = GetDistanceBetweenCoords(item.x, item.y, item.z, plyCoords[“x”], plyCoords[“y”], plyCoords[“z”], true)
    if(distance <= 10) then<---- CHANGE NUMBER
    return true

Client side, same for ATMs and send cash to players.

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thank you to both of you, i did have a look before posting but obviously not close enough.

Hello help me plz my blips is with and i wanth to meet the color green like this

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Have I done something wrong?


Hello, my players randomly lose all her bank money sometimes. Any idea why ?

My GUI is 100% in french, anyway to make it English? the client and server.lua show the English work but in game its french

banking / html / ui.html

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How do I change the size of this?

you need to rezise both the icon.png and the text in the script