[discontinued]--[Release] 160 Car mods stream for server-side

ShutDown 02/07/2018

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could u please sen us your citmap-server.yml its too ugly to write every single resource in the citmap

@xdaniel00x http://eppsstudios.com/secure/cimap.zip
the only thing you had to do is add the folder that you put the stream file in.

401 - Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials.
You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied

Good stuff. No 401 error here.

If you have any bandwidth issues, I can throw it up on my Seedbox if you wanna make a torrent and provide a magnet I’ll just seed and forget.

@xdaniel00x When you download the stream.zip with all the car mods

I have a folder in my \resources\ called \assets\

Then I dropped my stream folder inside \assets\ and have the empty __resource.lua

Inside the citymap-server.yml, just write - assets.
alt text

Good shit i was gonna do this for me and a buddy of mine to play some rp shit but i gave up cause it would take to long so far i love it took a little while to download through browser would love a torrent for it.

@Big_Z I helped out OP and gave him the magnet URL that I made for him of the torrent that’s on my seedbox. He can post it when he pleases I’d assume. I also gave him a SHA-256 verification so he can see I haven’t modified the zip in any form

@Cephei Awesome that will be a great help to the community i know me and a few friends really hate dl through our browsers its just so much faster with torrents with all there goodness.

we can stream the mods also right like ex elegy2_mods i can go open the rpf and rip out the ytf and ytd and as long as i put them in a folder elegy2_mods and throw them in there should stream ?

None of the links actually work? Anyone have a source where we can download this?


@Vontickle sorry, i changed my domain to a different registrar and for got to point it back to the ip.

Links are dead and Kat got taken down. Can you re-upload this please?

@DigitalCorrosion yes i can

@EPPS I would really appreciate it. Also, I downloaded the 160 cars myself but I’m not sure how you got them to work with Five Reborn. Would you mind explaining how you modified them to work?

@ZMOT7S its complicated

@EPPS Well alright. I’d love to have this so I don’t have to keep manually adding cars. If you get the time to upload it again, I would appreciate it.

Updated link…
no torrent yet

@EPPS If you would like to create a torrent file I can upload it on my seedbox.

Just want to say thanks again for the pack. Working on uploading the torrent file to my seedbox now. Will have it in about 30-40 minutes. My upload speed is bad lol

One thing I will note is that it seems about half the cars don’t work or they weren’t modified. A lot of the super and sports cars are default still. Not sure if that’s an issue with the mod, the modification to make it work online, or the five reborn online files themselves that’s causing the issue. One car is the Sultan. I’ve replaced it with a BMW mod and it works fine but in the 160 pack, it’s still just the Sultan.

none of the link work but for epps i will be able to provide one once stuff gets settled

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