Disconnect player when server down

Is there a way to let the client disconnect via a client script without sending an event to the server?

There is the native RestartGame but we don’t want to restart the game.

The client should get send to the mainscreen but faster than the FiveM Timeout Timer

Doesn’t it do it automatically?

… ‘confronting’?

edited the original question maybe its easier to understand now.

How are you supposed to know you’ve lost connection to the server without “asking” the server?

We have our methods to detect that. The only problem is that we don’t know how to automatically disconnect the client to the main menu (and not close the game like RestartGame does). It would be nice to have a client side native like Disconnect or something like that.

DropPlayer - Natives @ Cfx.re Docs ?

Edit: Wait that’s server-sided, not sure if it works but try ExecuteCommand("disconnect")

Sadly ExecuteCommand("disconnect") doesn’t work…
Access denied for command disconnect