Disconnect from server as I joined and no one can join either

port forwarding done correctly. i can join any server only my server im having problem with as i join i hear the disconnect error and the red box flickers rapidly at the same time the sound went off. i dont know where to find the logs if any exists and im just tying to connect to my server successfully. if i accomplish that then im good from there. i already have a nice server setup but the connection problem is the only thing.

What IP you use? Or do you connect through server list?

sorry for the late respnse @Boss but im usually on the discord due to not being able to be behind my pc all the time…PS im working
witjh that said, i connect through serverlist and or direct IP and as i joined my server i hear the windows error sound that you would normally hear when something goes wrong on your windows 10 and after that it says Name has been disconnected and the red box either show or sometime it flickers for as short time then disappears. but in the console i could still see that it says ive been disconnected.

PS PS : im using ip to connect and all ports have been forwarded successfully.

Should work, have you tried connecting several times in a row?

git it to work bro…i had to “take ownership” of the server files dont know why because im the admin on my pc…anyhow that work and no im connected to it and streaming cars and have custom loading screen…one thing im trying to get to work now it kaner freeroam roleplay resource. i already added what needed in “chat_client.lua” file but it still doesnt register my commands or sometimes the chat breaks.