Disable network card delay

Hello everyone, because FiveM does not exit when the client is disconnected, it only keeps reconnecting, which leads to the emergence of my server that can use disconnecting its own network to achieve a card delay and trigger many NUI events, so as to achieve Clicking once turns into a problem of getting stuck many times. My script has solved this problem, and you can download it if you need it.
Hope you like it

Its logic is to check whether the client is online every 3 seconds, if it fails more than 3 times, it will log out of the server and remind him not to get stuck in the network


Hello, I find this a very good script because it also avoids duplication bugs for fivem when you turn off the internet and duplicate objects… many manage to do this on my server. The problem is that I tested your script but it gives players a lot of fake kicks

Did you see he says your script makes a lot of fake kicks? oh you mean you solve the problem which is his players? :joy:

Sorry, maybe my translation is wrong here, because I am from China and rely on Google Translate