Disable Controll Action

Disable Weapon Controlls

Hey there, I made a script which can toggle close ped attack with guns by command. Script is fully customizable and feel-free editable.

  • :screwdriver: Enable and disable weapon-controlls by command
  • :pencil2: Highly Customizable in config.lua
  • :mega: Notifies Support (okokNotify, QB-Notify, ESX-Notify, Message or Custom)


  • This script is standalone, the only you need to do is place the script to your resources folder and start.
  • Do not change the resource name, otherwise it may create bugs or console errors.

Download Link Here

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Thanks for the contribution!

Just for future reference, theres a releases section…

Thx I missclicked :smiley:

can you do with driveby?

If u mean if u can toggle controll action while u are in vehicle - yes, u can. But this script don’t do anything with vehicle firing, it disabling killing PEDs by clicking on R or LEFT-Click near PEDs with gun. If u have any idea to modify script, tell me :wink: