Disable chat auto hide

Coming from MTA and SA:MP, the autohiding chat is VERY annoying! Would it be possible to toggle autohide?

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Take a look in the chat resource I guess it ist possible but I’m busy for now maybe I could take a look at home :slight_smile:

Are there still plans for this to be added?

@Rstein You can do this yourself?

@kanersps If I knew how to code, then sure.

@Rstein This won’t be added by default tho? You require to have such knowledge if you want a server.

@kanersps Who said I wanted to host a server?

@Rstein Then why are you asking this in the first place :expressionless: servers need to add this, not us.

@kanersps Wait, the chat is a serversided thing? wtf?

@Rstein Yes? Allows insane customizability.

@kanersps Huh, well then. thought it was clientsided like SA:MP is.