Digital Life: A New Experience

Welcome to Digital Life, a FiveM RP server!

A Brief Overview
Born from the ashes of another community, Digital Life was formed to provide a fun, engaging and friendly place for those who enjoy RP on FiveM. Digital Life has three founders working together to provide the best experience for you, with experience in development and community management. We put a focus on facilitating character and story development by offering a friendly environment for players who are both new and experienced. Join in the various events that occur around the city, meet and greet, and build your story.

Current Features (In and Out of City)

  • Hidden criminal activity locations
  • Whitelist EMS, PD, and Tow 
  • Active Discord 
  • Multiple Character Select 
  • Balanced Economy 
  • Active staff 
  • Lore friendly (and CC) gangs 
  • Custom cars (always in progress) 
  • Car Shows & Races 
  • Fight club (but we don’t talk about it!) 

We really appreciate everyone in our community! Use this link to join our discord:


Server is pretty great, everyone is serious when they RP and no-one has broken character… 5/5* on it!


Thank you for the support! We appreciate it a lot :heart:


Digital Life has been my new home.
Can’t say enough good things about this community in the city, as well as outside of the city in discord.
Everyone is inviting, and helping, while also staying in character.
RP in this city is top notch,
EMS and PD are professional and doing a great job…

Thanks for the new home!


Thank you for the support. We appreciate this community so much. People like you make it awesome!

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Digital Life a great community! Lots of new things coming into the city on a regular basis. Great opportunity for seasoned RPers or new RPers to enjoy a fun experience! This community is always looking for new people to join and grow the community! Thank you Digital Life!

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Digital Life has become my second home in the short amount of time I’ve been a part of it. Lots of friends, great people to interact with in the city, and it’s always improving. PD and EMS are always friendly and professional. I know that for a fact. gestures at that nice looking Lieutenant in the picture :innocent:

If you’re looking for a server that’s growing and extremely welcoming, you’ve found it with Digital Life! Join us today!

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Digital Life has become my home. It has a lot going for it and we have professional PD (SAPD) and EMS (SAED) who strive to make things interesting for the criminal elements of the city of Los Santos.

As you may have noticed above, PD are recruiting, and I would like to add an additional note that EMS is also recruiting

There is also an active Weazel News site that runs stories about what is happening in the city and is also looking for reporters to help write articles!
Read more at: !