Diamond City RP | 100k Starting Cash | Custom Cars | Custom Gangs | 20+ Jobs | Economy Based | Custom Esx Scripts | ⚠Active Staff⚠ | Player owned Businesses | LF PLAYERS


  • Active Staff Team | Our staff team is passionate and dedicated to providing the best experience possible within our community.
  • Custom Esx Scripts | Our small dev team works hard to constantly bring new content to our server. Frequent updates to cars, MLO’s and jobs. They also look at suggestions from the community and make decisions for adding new things based off of your feedback.
  • We are passionate about roleplay and we hope you are too! We are constantly evolving and changing aspects of the server to better fit you and your rp ideas.

Civilian Life

  • Jobs | Over 20+ jobs whitelisted and non-whitelisted, including Fire, Ems, Police, Mechanics, Lawyers, Fib, Lumberjack and Garbage workers to suit your characters experience.
  • Pets | You can purchase a furry friend from the pet store, both cats and dogs. They can be your companion or you can train them to guard and attack.
  • Player Owned Businesses | Bars, Car Dealerships, Convenience Stores, Security, Restaurants like McDonalds and Dominos and so much more!
  • Custom Houses | Live anywhere, anytime!
  • Custom Cars | With over 5 player owned dealerships, we have all types of cars to suit your character. From classics, luxury, motorcycles, used cars and JDM cars.

Criminal Life

  • Custom Gangs | Become the next Madrazo. New Gang Territories in Testing!
  • Secret Locations | Grow weed, cook your own meth, import cocaine or sell prescription drugs from ems!
  • Advanced Robberies | Test your luck hacking with convenience stores, banks, houses and armored truck robberies
  • Car Thief | Steal cars and bring them back to Simeon or take them to the chop shop for extra cash.

If you join from this post, open a ticket in our discord and use referral code Reddit to be entered for the chance to win cool prizes like cash, cars, houses and more!