Devloper once again looking to dev on a server

My name is Fabian i’m 19 years old from Sweden. I have about 3 years of experience with LUA/ server management. Ill list some of my courses and merits.
Web development 1 and 2
Programming 1, 2 and 3, that includes C#, Python and some lua.
Server management, computer science, networking and i have further 4 certificates in Server management, Microsoft fundamentals, Security fundamentals and networking fundamentals(Cisco)
Im great with
Scripts (LUA, HTML, CSS, JS, C#)
Web Dev (HTML, CSS, JS)
Cars (custom cars, custom car liveries)

Some experience with YMAPS and MLO but not the absolut greatest

Right now i have a server that i have been working on and off on. But i cant see that going somewhere since the Swedish community isn’t the greatest and i want to experience another community. I would love the opportunity to actually dev on something new and something that’s live with actual players and get the immediate input from the users of my scripts. I have a lot of scripts that i made myself / scripts that would be applicable in almost every server that i would be happy to share with a potential server.

Im not looking for any pay but i expect you to understand that i do work full time (7-16 CEST)

Looking forward to hear from you :slight_smile:

hey yes! sure that would be amazing

Hello how can i reach you?

Hello. I know you stated you don’t look for pay but I represent a community that would be able to compensate you for your time. Feel free to reach out over Discord and we can set up a time that works for us both: Solo#1111

I understand you have a couple of other options on here so I won’t pry. I’m Deputy Director of a 3500+ member FiveM Community and we are looking for a developer to work on menus, scripts, and EUP edits. We already have an expansive Development Team and would like to extend the offer of a full-time position with its own perks. With my current development team, I do believe it would also help you to grow and learn and it would help you as much as it would help us.

Give me a shout on Discord: Jeffery M.#0001

Yall can contact me via discord