Deviant Roleplay | Economy Based | Serious RP | Hiring LEO & EMS | Drugs | Gangs | Player ran Businesses and more!



Server IP: F8 > connect

Deviant Roleplay is a fun and new roleplay server that you will love!!

We offer:
Many custom interiors for businesses and great roleplay opportunities as well as houses all over the map and custom police stations as well. There are many ways to make legal cash or if you’re up for it, illegal cash as well.

The team at Deviant strives to maintain a healthy and balanced economy while still keeping it fun and enjoyable for all parties involved.

All our emergency services are held to the highest standards with in depth SOPs and we will not tolerate a “always win” mentality. All our LEOs are trained to have a force with force attitude. All our services for RP is of a high standard which is constantly monitored meaning the best in game experience for all.

Our services are:

LSPD – Each member of the LSPD purchases their own personal vehicle which they can use as a take home car. Their are also numerous divisions like Air one, Swat, Vehicle Task Force, Detective and more!

EMS – Full training provided with numerous vehicles to meet the demands of the city.

If you consider yourself a business man look no further!! We have plenty of options and custom interiors for those who would like to own a player ran business!

Illegal Activities
Selling drugs , Street racing , Gang activities , Deviant RP features tons of options to jump right into the criminal underworld. Join an established street gang or start your own. If you figure out how to, you can craft weapons , rob houses , rob banks or shops whatever suits your fancy. We also have a number of different drugs for you to do whatever you please with!!

Legal Activities
There are also plenty of ways to make money legally, we have a Trucking transport job, Tow truck operator so you can clean up the cars of the people who wanna park illegally, Taxi Driver which is a very good way to meet new people and make money while doing it, a News Reporter so you can give the city the inside scoop on the latest action, Garbage Collector, and more!!

Our Team/Staff
Deviant RP is professionally ran with staff on at all times both in server and on Discord so you will never feel alone. Every member of our staff is very friendly and whether you are new to RP or have been doing it for a long time we will help you to get the best experience we can. Our developers are always updating and editing things making sure that everything we have is up to date and fully functional giving you the best player experience.

So come join and check it out, we look forward to seeing you!!