I am a new server owner looking for some developers who can help me out i really wanna get my server up and running

Sure il help you just give me your discord #


[πŸ™π”Έ-πŸ˜πŸ™] π•Š. π•π• π•™π•Ÿ#0001

Dose any know how to set up a redm server. I just need a little help on a few things.


hi iam also searching a Developer that can help me to get a new server up and running if someone is intrestet just write me here^^

ok, brooo

can u drop yo discord i need a server’

not a developer just in line

Legendary Outlaws is currently looking for developers for the following servers

Server 1: ONLINE = Public RP server
Server 2: CLOSED = Allowlisted RP server
Server 3: CLOSED = Will be Allowlisted or Public server
Server 4: ONLINE = Freeroam Vmenu Based

Feel free to look and ask around on discord