[Developers Needed!] CRDRP | Realistic RP Server | ESX | Not Released/In-Development

Developers Wanted!

CRDRP Roleplay Server

[Currently in development]

Description - CRDRP is a realistic/serious roleplay server aiming to include a wide variety of activities for players in a player-driven economy. Uses ESX & more.

I have been building this server in my spare time as a project for my Discord and Twitch community with the aim to open the server to the public with an emphasis on content creators in Ireland/UK in the future. Although I have software experience already, this is my first attempt at building a somewhat custom FiveM/ESX GTA server and as a solo developer on the project I could really do with some help from experienced lua/FiveM developers to help squash bugs and to get the server off the ground. I currently have a private GitHub repo in use for this project which can be shared with anyone looking to help with development.

For any developers who are interested or want to learn more: contact me via Discord at Cardinal#6195 - as a small project this is not a paid position but I will do my best to offer server perks to anyone who helps contribute to development if you wish to join.