Developer looking too help ! ENG / FR

Hey guys,

Let me introduce myself, I am Morzgore. I’ve been developping into FiveM server since 2016. I had one of the biggest community into the french server (Yes i am french, but i understand english A1)

I wanted to get myself into the project of a RedM server and contribute my knowledge with others !

If you are looking for a DEV hit me up!

Bonjour a tous,

Je me présente, Je suis morzgore.

Je suis developpeur FiveM depuis 2016, ayant eu la plus grosse communité FiveM pendant 2ans. J’ai cesser le serveur puisque je voulais m’aventuré dans une autre aventure!
Donc j’offre mes talents et mes connaissances afin d’aider ceux et celle qui désir monter un serveur RedM

Écrivez moi ! Au plaisir

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One of the current larger communities with over 800+ Whitelisted. We’ll be happy to invite you.


Forum Post: (Here)

Feel free to reach out to me on Discord Alle#0069 and I can show you the routes and answer any questions.


Hi there! I’m Rain, the head owner over at Calabasas RP! We have just launched our server and we are looking for one more Dev to help us in areas that we are unable to. Feel free to add me on discord Rain#6853 and we can chat! Here is our forum:

Hello Morzgore, im glad that you have this post out here. what is the best way to contact you i have one developer and he told me to reach out to you he also did alot of work with Five M reach out to me with Ryden#6791 if your interested

Ive sent you a msg on discors

Ive sent you a msg on discord

Salut Morzgore, je suis un français (comme toi je suppose :slight_smile:), est-il possible de te parler ?

Voici mon discord: Melon#6202

Oui, cependant votre discord ne fonctionne pas !

Normalement tout est bon, je t’ai envoyé un message par message privé, j’ai retiré l’apostrophe de mon pseudonyme

This is my # on DC: SiNec#5457

Please, text me

Hello! I’d be very interested in having you on the team! We are starting from scratch and in need of a dev

Contact me on discord at: vote_no#1947
in regards to a server that has been under development for the past couple months.

Hey mate!

We are a German Hardcore Roleplay-Server!
Im the owner and im looking for a new Developer for our Server.
We are a funny Team wo write together/play together and share everything about the Project.

So if you are Interested to hear more about us, HIT ME UP!

Greetz Chico

hey im building a big project for big communtiy
if u r intrested

contact me
Abu Hajar#5555