Developer looking to develop in a server

I recently started developing in my Dev server and im trying to bring those skills into a server. I’m not gonna ask for money just want experience in some servers.

Hey were looking at pjrp check out our website and join!



I’ve recently started up my own server about a week ago. I have a fully functional server hosted on a good 24/7 VM. We’re looking for another developer to assist us before launch day. Payment could also be an option in due course.

Just add me on discord and we can have a chat.

Hey! I’ve been working hard with a great team on a server for about three months now and I’d love to talk to you about it. Feel free to DM me on discord @Soap#0006

Hey! if you are interested in a development opportunity and a place you can call home, feel free to dm me on discord and id be happy to meet and discuss the details with you. My user is Stratego#5193 . I look forward to hearing from you.

my disc is elyas #1487

we are always looking for devs on our server, it has been around awhile and has over 2k members in discord. serious rp, streamer friendly and super cool characters.

Were currently looking for developers to assist and maintain a brand new RP Server. If interested feel free to contact me on discord ToastMaloney#3236. We look forward to hearing from you!

Hi Elyasmirr. I have a server I have been working on for the past few months. I am looking for multiple devs for my server and multiple co-owners for the server. If you are looking for experiance I can offer a developer slot on the server and give you a referance if you need one. The development is causual and you can work on development in a time that suits you. The server has been running for a few months and I don’t mind development stuff taking a while as we can cope. The server has grown more than I expected as I wanted my own little project. I need more custom dev work as more features have been needed as time has gone on. I don’t mind you also working on other servers as this is more of a part time posistion

If you are interested DM me on here or my discord name: StarFireReaper #7083

cheers for reading

Hi i need a esx developer for my server dm me Lincoln#2569

Looking for a developer! Please add me on discord alex.#6850

Hello, I already have a server made and playable, only problem is there is something things that need fixed and added and I can’t seem to get my other developers to want to work. They have been working on my server for almost a month now and I’m trying to get the server out into beta soon. I have server testers as well who will be more then willing to test as you develop and same goes with myself. I know a few things but not a lot and I am always available to help with anything. If you’re interested in trying to fix these issues and add more things please add me on discord ʍσηίɕαッ#1537 and send me a message.