Developer looking for work | Status: Inactive

contact me @Kail#2281

Hi there, I have added you on discord. I have a server with some friends but we only have a slight issue with teamspeak. We would like for your help? I appreciate you are busy, but any help would be great!!

basically, the radio turns itself off all the time and we now don’t have a radio put away button. The last thing is we need to press radio transmit key in order to talk on the cell phone.

Thanks in advance, like i said i added you on discord. JoeMean#6593

whats craka lackin. any experienced developers hit me up

James WhiteGOD#5982

Add me on discord I am trying to make a new server it’s new and fresh we would love a developer.
Discord: jensen#2888

Hey just opened a server on a windows VPS just trying to get things setup and running if you don’t mind if you are free could you lend me a hand?