Developer looking for work | Status: Inactive

I need a developer for my server, if you also know how to make custom menus contact me RoyalClutch#7048

Hey Atexx, I’ve added you and my name is Armani#8229. I would love to explain my project to you and the help I need. Take care and I hope you add me soon.

Hey Atexx, are you still looking for servers to work with?
I tried searching you in Discord and couldn’t find your name.

Would love to chat with you if you are interested!

Just had to clear my d friends because I got so many and lost track.

If I didn’t get to you, Add me on d - AtexxDev#4871 and you will be a priority.

Some few things.

Please have a detailed outline of the work you would like done. It would make it easier if you picked from the list on my forum post.

I do not recommend going to anyone that has tried advertising their services on this thread. They have no reputation so if they are legit, nobody knows.

If I didn’t get to you, after you requested me on discord, PM me on here.

Let’s not hijack posts here. Thanks.

Added you on discord

Hello AtexxDev, I would like your help with creating a Teamspeak for my FiveM community. With Roles and Channels setup. Would you be able to help with that? I have an screenshots of how i would like it to be done, but you have more experience in it so. Thanks let me know ThisOrThatKid#8929

Added you as Armani.

I need a developer asap!!!

Hey i need ur services wit a few fixes in my scripts i have a base and have base i use txadmin i use sql n i use esx . I sent u a discord friend request Andyb1995

Hey, brand new community here. Would love to chat, add me here.

Hey Buddy im liking what you are trying to do and i wanna know if you would love to be apart of something great. we have server almost done but just need some of our scripts edited and what not. our community is growing and my self and the other owner are level headed and not childish like people see everywhere else. we know what we like and will treat you with respect and but also let you edit and do what makes you happy. you can add me on discord at Mobbdoxx#9299 thanks and have a great day.

You can contact Owner by joining Discord Server. Thanks


Sent you a friend request, Cozy#6404

Hello man I added you up on discord discord is Rufrez 1901 if you are still looking for some work

Please add A. Levi#2776 to talk further

add me [𝓢𝓜] WOLF .
#3293 on discord

I saw your post on FiveM forums and I am really looking to get into creating my own server after many people I played with on another server realized the staff was only there for the money and did not care about the community. I have no idea what I am doing and am wanting to learn how to create a server of my own just like NoPixel or similar.

hello we have server and no developer we need you add me for more details thanks alex_osc#3638

Hey I just added you please just take a look if you can please but you have a good one :slightly_smiling_face:

i need u sir we got a lot of cool things to talk about add me Panch#1466