Developer looking for work | Status: Active

Developer Looking For Work

Age : 18
Years Of Experience : 3
Known Language : Lua/Javascript
I Dont Know Alot JavaScript But I Know Some

I am searching for a server to dev for doesnt matter if its a 100kordie or a serious server as long as who ever i am gonna be working with is mature enough and have the budget and a good hosting to Start with also i am looking for a team of people and not just me working on the server to make this successful.

What Can I Exactly Do?

  • Custom Clothe
  • Make A Server From Scratch
  • Change Vehicle Speeds
  • Loading Screens
  • Still Learning GFX
  • Custom Discord Bot
  • Many More!!

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How Many Servers Have I Helped?

  • More Than 2 I Usually Help My Friends!

Discord : Aspect#3866

Still Looking !!

Still Looking !!