Developer - Looking for Work | Status: Active


I am Kayne and I am a 16 year old programmer from Australia, I am fluent in LUA, HTML, CSS, EUP, Discord.JS and creating menu servers

Disclaimer: I am only fluent with Menu Servers and LUA, If you ask me to code in different languages or in a framework it will be a no, In the near future I may expand my line of work to such languages or frameworks

My Experience: I am fluent with HTML, CSS, LUA and Menu servers and have over 2 years of Development Experience, I have been playing FiveM for around 3 years on multiple whitelisted servers

My Services

  • Creating Advanced Scripts in LUA
  • Creating Websites with HTML/CSS
  • Integrating HTML with LUA
  • Creating and Managing Menu Servers
  • Installation and Modification of Alreadymade Scripts
  • Creating EUP and Vehicle Liveries
  • A Well Organised server
  • Teaching you how to organise your server.
  • Creating and Managing Discord Bots

Contact Me

You can contact me via my Discord which is listed below, You need to create a ticket and list things about your server and other information. A Template can be found in #information which will show you what to do.


Bump!, I just released a new script and more comin!

Bump!, Still looking, Learning vehicle modelling!

Bump!, Just released a new script!

Bump!, Released a New Script
Reminder: I don’t work with any framework but will if other developers are involved

Bump!, Have a couple of projects running and wanting to learn more, Come get your Commissions done!