Developer Looking for work! . Qbcore/Esx/Custom frameworks. Making own cores for your server

Still taking orders or works, dm me via discord for more info: blit_gaming_yash#3880

Guy , I am back on developing and taking orders , if you are looking for a trusted and premium service with customizable scripts , Contact me :slight_smile:

Discord: blit_gaming_yash#3880
Thank you :smiley:

Making optimized QBCore based Custom framework and ESX frameworks from scratch for your server. Contact me Via discord : blit_gaming_yash#3880

Still looking for work and taking orders , Dm me via Discord: blit_gaming_yash#3880

good service , best script and optimization , Thank you , Its highly recommended

GOOD SERVICE AND BETTER SCRIPTS thank you i am going to open new server with your script !! very very thanks

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You looking for a dev i have 2 years experience and 1 year in qbus framework

Well , I am a developer looking for work :slight_smile: , But If you want add me on your discord , We can talk somethings :slight_smile:

This is hella cringe

Still taking orders guys , dm me for more info

Still taking orders guys , dm me for more info guys :slight_smile:

ayy im lookin for a dev if u know how to work with QB