Developer looking for work (Paid)

About Me
I have been roleplaying and Developing Servers on FiveM for over 4 years now. I am now looking to share my experience with server owners that are looking to grow.

I’m looking for look Perferably Paid, such as pay per project, and buying my vehicles and I put them in your server as well if you are interested.

Skills and Assets
I have a lot of skills when it comes to running, developing and managing FiveM servers

In FiveM itself I can;

  • Create a FiveM server from scratch. (Non-ESX)
  • Properly install resources that you request me to.
  • Configure and edit resources exactly to your liking.
  • Make your server files look neat, organized and professional.

In Miscellaneous Skills I can

  • Manage a Dedicated Server Box by keeping it professional, up to date and running as optimal as possible.
  • Provide you with tips and tricks I have learned over my 4 years.
  • Provide you with information on the best, cheapest the most reliable service providers such as TeamSpeak Hosts, Server Hosts, and VPS Hosts.
  • Provide you with very quick response times (Usually within 1 Hour) during any time of the day, work hours or not.

Updated Contact Information
Discord- Prompt#5515
Or post your server in the comments and when I see it I will join.

Still looking??


Hey my friend I have added you on discord


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Dear PromptHorizon93_Prom,

My name is George Kasey and I represent the Louisiana State Roleplay FiveM community. Myself, I cover the Louisiana State Police as the Superintendent and Colonel. I also hold the office of Executive Director for our communal directorate and staff team.

I’ll get to the point - We currently have two available positions open up to you; Both department positions that need heads. I trust this doesn’t deter you.

The positions are…

Sheriff - St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office
President - Louisiana Residential Services

If you find yourself interested in either of these positions, please know that you may reach out to us at our Discord or feel free to accept my friend request. I’d love to speak with you more!

I hope to hear from you soon.

George Kasey
LASRP Communal Directorate

New community. Looking for experienced individuals such as yourself.


Nightlight Roleplay | New City | Active Staff & Devs | QBCore Economy | Looking for Staff, Leo, Ems | Serious RP Join is today!

We have a few positions as a possibility, however there are prerequisites. Come talk with us over here to learn more. NEORP

Midnight City Roleplay

Midnight City Roleplay has a fresh new opportunity to come back to FiveM better and stronger than ever before. Our mission statement is to provide you, the player, a life-like and professional experience while being able to enjoy quality roleplay with friends!


We offer a wide variety of cool custom content such as

vMenu based server
Framework economy
Serious Roleplay
Daily Patrols
Custom Civilian Vehicles
Fast Growing Community
Helpful Community
Active Fire Department
Civilian Owned Businesses
Tech Support
Weazel News Website
And much more!
Civilian Operations
Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
San Andreas Highway Patrol
Los Santos Police Department
San Andreas Fire Department
San Andreas Communications

About the Directors and Head Administration

Midnight City Roleplay is under the Direction of 2 individuals.
Brian, and Alex. Brian and Alex have had previous experience
running multiple communities on different platforms.
They have come together and started Midnight City Roleplay.

Unlike other communities, Brian and Alex are great working as a team. The Directors hand picked all Head Administration a part of Midnight City Roleplay. All Staff members consider all options, they listen to feedback given by community members. If there isn’t a superb Staff Team, there isn’t members, which means there is no server.

Discord: Midnight City Roleplay Official Fan Server
Weazel News Website:

Trailer: Midnight City Roleplay Server Promotional Video (Whitelisted FiveM) | 2022 - YouTube


We are looking.