[Dev tools] readable table (for debugging)

as the image below
it’s a small tool to make table readable
you can use this function on server and client with export
github below :slight_smile: hope it can help y’all

[link] GitHub - XNORGATE/xng_parsingtable: debug tools


Lol ive been using that function its a stackoverflow answer from 2017

Link: lua - How to dump a table to console? - Stack Overflow

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yep bro I’ve wrote It on readme

Now you did it, remember it for next time

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np , but actually I saw it on another place I’m not gonna take any benefits
just for those who need :slight_smile: thx for notice

so what? why people here always like to make dick measuring competition, big LOL!

@tsaidarius good share, other people might find this usefull.


thx bro😁

Why not use json.encode(table,{indent = true})? lol

refer: Solar2D Documentation — API Reference | Libraries | json | encode


Didn’t know about the indent = true ! Thanks

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Please properly credit your releases, “P.S. it’s a modified code from other web” is not giving credit to anyone for your very obviously copy and pasted code from Stack Overflow.

Literally all you did was change the name of the function, add “^2” in a few places to adjust text color, and add 3 unnecessary prints. This is all fine, if you properly credit the code, which you have not in any way shape or form.

XD good job

  1. open Google
  2. type print_r lua
  3. open first link ( A function in Lua similar to PHP's print_r · GitHub )
  4. copy
  5. paste to your code
  6. debug table by print_r (table)

cool that you wasted your time rewriting the 26-line function to this big thing