[Dev Tool] FiveM - Interiory proxy creator

Nice one, but FiveM is about to have it’s own automation built in so you won’t even need a tool :stuck_out_tongue:

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Custom interiors often need a proxy.


Irrelevant. FiveM method will automatically apply to any interior in the game, vanilla or custom.

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On some servers this dissapearing problem occurs, so I decided to share it :smile:


You should read what Smallo said again, he said that FiveM IS ABOUT to automatize this process.
That means it’s still not a thing in release build, but its going to be soon added.

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Interiors always get a proxy, this file is only to assign deterministic ordering. Also, incorrectly using interior proxy ordering metadata leads to a variety of weird crashes.

Also, deterministic ordering is not even needed anymore in newer client versions.

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Okay, sorry my bad :wink:

Im a noob with this disapearing problem. We have it on our server that players random dispear.

What is the best solution. Wait till fivem will bring out the update so fivem will fix this for us. Or run this problem on all the buildings your running on the server?

Man i wish this worked. But everyone still goes invis in buildings. :frowning:

Any reason why only

   <startFrom value="2000" />
   <filePathHash value="0" />

is the result when running it?

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So the issue is resolved in newer builds?

Did you put interiors in the input folder?

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Thank you this tool is very useful :grin:

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I am either really REALLY dumb or this isn’t working. I add the interiors to the input yet after running the start, nothing gets sent to the output… could someone run me step by step how to work this or a vid tutorial on installation and usage

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What do i need to do with the .meta file? How do i need to add it into the resource-.lua or fxmanifest.lua?

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Output folder is a ready resource. You can change the name of the script to the one you want. Manifest file exists by default in the output folder.

Any ideas why when I put all of my MLO’s in one file, some of them aren’t working?

Because our MLO files have an own _manifest.meta. there is lots of information that the MLO needs to load ^^

So you’re saying, that there is no way to run MLOS in one file?

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Hello everyone. After using the proxies meta file created by either this tool or by manually typing every custom interior in my server , all players are visible to eachother BUT some of them (not everyone) fall inside the map when entering said interiors. This bug is happening after i ran the meta file.
Has anyone encountered such a bug?

Thanks in advance!