[Dev Release] Realistic Axon Body 3

Realistic Axon Body 3


The most realistic Axon Body 3 script, based off of RCPisAwesome’s Axon Body Camera.

Image 1: a real AB3 overlay
Image 2: this script

This script is intended for use with developers as a baseplate.
TFNRP’s Axon Body 3 script’s goal is to be as realistic as possible, with future plans for more audio files the real Axon Body 3 uses.


No special installation or dependencies required.
You will need to edit client.lua to replace all exports.framework with your own.

Clone from Git or download manually

$ git clone https://github.com/TFNRP/axonbody3.git


  • Uses the TFNRP framework to allow use for LEO. Easy to change if you don’t use our framework.
  • Just like the real thing. Beeps every 2 minutes whilst recording, audible to nearby players.
  • Realistic overlay, with the same font used by Axon, ISO-8601 date format and transparent Axon logo.
  • Maximum server performance. Everything that can be done client-side, is.
  • Two commands included:
    • /axon, /axonon, /axonoff - Starts/stops Axon recording
    • /axonhide, /axonshow - Hide/show the first-person overlay


In config.lua, change CommandAccessHandling to match your framework. If you would like to allow everyone to use the script, just return true.
You can also change ThirdPersonMode to true if you would like the axon overlay to be visible in third-person.


Special thanks to RCPisAwesome for allowing me to use his Axon beep sound.




I’m gonna sound like an idiot probably, but what is an “Axon Body 3” ? I see you explaining that this is JUST like one, but What is it? lol.

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AB3 is the most recent body camera in production by Axon, the leading company in the police equipment industry.
You can check out their website:

Oh awesome so this is kind of an overlay with sound effects and everything to give that realistic feel to it?

Quite exactly what it is!

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Awesome, I bet my cops would love this. Thanks for the information, Definitely going to give it a shot right now.

OP has been updated with installation specifications - my bad.

does someone got an esx version?

Nice work :100:

ESX isn’t hard to implement, if you’ve read the documentation.
No one is going to make an ESX version because there’s not much to change. Also, this is a dev-release and therefore no configuration - you just get the source and shape it the way you want.

Contains content from GitHub - RCPisAwesome/FiveMRCPAxonCamera: Axon body camera overlay for FiveM, The Grand Theft Auto 5 Multiplayer Mod

I forgot to mention that this was based off of RCPisAwesome’s release, but I do have to say this is greatly modified beyond either works to be too relevant to each other.
OP has been edited with a credit.

v0.1.0 has been released

Features (new)

  • c158abe config property for allowing third-person hud




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Documentation (readme)

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