Dev looking for community

Looking for a community to join and help develop on. I don’t know everything and only have a few scripts that i’ve made myself. But mostly I enjoy downloading others and tweaking them to my satisfactions and or needs.

I only work with VPS. I own my own website and I know how to employ mysql, couchdb, xampp, html, php, lua and others. Im pretty smart with it.

Im interested in a community thats well established and has good structure and ranks. I do not want to start building your community from the ground up.

I’m also particularly interested in roleplaying communities. English only and sorry, no little kids.

Please don’t invite me to your discord/
Discord is AIDS, and I don’t like it.

Hey Nico,

We have a dev in our community but he may be interested in talking with you as I know he has a ton of work and I am sure he could use a hand. We are a good sized RP community that runs nightly RP averaging about 15 people per RP. If youre interested I will pass your info on to him.

Hello, my community LSDPS has been around for 2 years and we are always looking for members! If you are interested in us we would love to have you! Here is our forum post, Los Santos Department of Public Safety | Police | Fire/EMS | Civilians | Serious RP | Custom CAD/MDT |

Teamspeak info?
(20 char)

We don’t give out our teamspeak until we process applications. If you apply youll get it then! :smile:

Great Dev, highly recommend him. He knows alot about this stuff. Nico knows alot about putting cars and scripts into a server and he knows how to edit the scripts to fit your needs. Sad to see him leave our community but hope you find another good home. Anyone who gets him will be in better hands.


Great developer, better friend. Hope you find a good home.


I applied. (20 char)

Whats your teamspeak info?

You were approved, check you app for the info

California Highway Patrol is always looking for help!

Server IP: