Deus RP - USA- NoPixel Inspired - Custom Car Dealer - Balanced Cars - Serious RP - Economy Based - Hiring (PD, EMS, Mechanic, Cardealer)

Hello. I’m here to show a new server I am apart of, and some of its features. We are up and running looking for active players. I’ve spent days for the last 3 ish weeks fixing bugs and getting it ready for the public. We are trying to make a community based server where the community makes decisions on what scripts to implement and which ones to remove. We are looking to have a good reputation with our community and want to help all players along the way. I’ve been through too many RP servers where all the admins do is play and ignore their community and I’m over it. So me and my partner decided to create our own server and our own community. I hope you take the time to join our server and see what it has to offer.
We are hiring In all positions ( PD, EMS, Mechanic, Luxury car Dealer)

What Deus RP Offers:
-15K starting cash
-No Pixel car handling (all cars are balanced!)
-Drugs (Weed, Coke, Meth, fields and processing plants,)
-Drug deliveries as well as store to purchase various drugs.
-Corner Selling
-Luxury Car dealer (plenty of custom cars (limited stocked cars))
-Bank Robbery
-House Robbery
-Jewelry Robbery
-Yacht Heist
-Bank Truck Robbery
-Housing (Live anywhere)
-Pawn Shops
-Gangs (with gang housing)
-Lumber Jack job
-Police CAD
-Custom Police cars
-Mechanic Job (player runs LS customs)
-Marked Bills (With money laundering)

The list goes on, you’ll just have to come check us out to see what else the server offers!
I hope to see some new players, I would greatly appreciate it :slight_smile:


BUMP :slight_smile: