Department of Public Justice Roleplay

Department of Public Justice Roleplay
The DoPJRP is a brand new community that started in 2020. We have active staff along with daily development. The DoPJRP strives to have the best influence and positive mark in the roleplaying community. Where everyone is given a chance regardless of who they are.
We welcome you with open arms and greet you to a whole new world of roleplay. We hope you can take the time to consider to choose our community.

What we offer:


-| San Andreas State Police
-| Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
-| Los Santos Police Department
-| San Andreas Fire Rescue
-| Operational Communications Center (Dispatch)
-| Active Staff
-| CAD
-| EUP
-| Custom civilian vehicles
-| Beautiful Non-ELS Cars from RedSaint & XBR


Important Links

Our Website


DoPJRP Ban Appeal Process

Internal Affairs Division Disciplinary Action Appeal Form

Initial Employment Application


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Isn’t there already a community on here going by that name and logo? Are we so caught up in the tidal wave of time that we can be bothered to look back and look at what’s already been built? Everything else seems to be unique except for their name and logo.
Like how hard is it to be original?

@DoPJRP I suggest you look at this.