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We’re Recruiting!

A 2011 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor (CVPI) in Mirror Park, Los Santos.
Callsign: STH751 Command: Traffic and Highway Patrol Command

Looking for the most realistic and professional Grand Theft Auto V policing roleplay? Come and chat with a member of Recruitment and learn more!

[Fictional] [In-Game]

The State Crime Command’s Homicide Squad Detectives has arrested a person of interest in last Saturday’s Easter weekend shooting in South Los Santos.

Homicide Squad Detective’s are continuing enquires.

We’re Recruiting!

San Andreas Ambulance Service, commonly referred to as Ambulance San Andreas, is seeking professional roleplayers to add to our team.

Ambulance paramedics have a vast range of opportunities available to them including; Clinical Operations, Special Operations and Aeromedical Operations these are some of the few opportunities.

Education Opportunities

Ambulance officers are assisted by a range of real and professional resources that aid in tackling all situations. This is backed by the most realistic and professional roleplay scenarios available in the paramedicine roleplay world!

Regular Roleplay’s

Our Ambulance paramedics are regularly met with a variety of issues that plague San Andreas, especially metropolitan cities.

Our paramedic’s regularly respond to Mental Health crisis, Motor Vehicle Collisions, Assaults/Brawls, and assist with elderly members of society.

General Duty Police attending a disturbance in the metropolitan rail system earlier today

We’re Recruiting!

Emergency Services, not your thing? Write your story as the villain or samaritan! Apply today!

We’re Recruiting!

Troopers from Davis Highway Patrol conducting roadside breath testing (RBT) in South Los Santos on Thursday the 22nd of April 2021.

ANZAC Day is a solemn period for Australian and New Zealand Defence Forces, a time of reflection on service and commitment.

Australia and New Zealand Army Corps (abbreviated as ANZAC Day) was the name given to a combined force of First Australian Imperial Force and New Zealand Army troops who landed on Turkey’s Gallipoli Peninsula at around dawn on Sunday, the 25th day of April 1915, barely nine months after the outbreak of World War I (the Great War).

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We’re Recruiting!

Interested in Emergency & Rescue services? How about fascinated by the most realistic emergency calls available within the FiveM universe?

We’re recruiting new Fire Students and Paramedic Interns who are interested in serving San Andreas. (Picture: Two types of Engines and a Ladder truck with Fire & Rescue San Andreas).

There is plenty of information about the service available on our website under the Departments tab!

We’re Recruiting

Seeking a professional FiveM policing experience where you are exposed to more than your average 9mm? Members of the San Andreas State Police interact with scenarios from all walks of life such as Community Policing, Mental Health/Crisis Intervention to high intensity policing.

Come and engage with our members on discord and learn more about the awesome community of the DoPJRP!

There has been an adjustment to the Department of Public Justice’s new mandatory minimum hours per month. Members are now required to complete eight (8) hours monthly to be deemed “Active”.

If there has been holding you back from the unlimited opportunities we have to offer go ahead and apply now! Check our recruitment requirements here!

Interested in becoming a valued member of an expanding FiveM community?

Join our Public Relations Discord and engage with our members and learn about our ever-adapting community! We’re recruiting Paramedics, Firefighters, Troopers and Civilians!

We’re Recruiting

Over 24 specialist opportunities within the San Andreas State Police! We’re looking for qualified members to join our ranks! Learn more on our Discord or Official website!