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Department of Public Justice Roleplay Community
Est. 2017/01/01.
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About the DoPJRP
The Department of Public Justice Roleplay Community (DoPJRP) began development in late December 2016. The DoPJRP’s Core Values the bedrock of everything we do (Courage, Initiative, Integrity, Professionalism, Accountability, and Respect), this assists the DoPJRP on our unique approach to roleplaying in Grand Theft Auto V.

The Department of Public Justice aims to integrate a realistic and professional environment for all members while keeping a friendly orientated environment and love of gaming.

Courage: I am resilient and always act with integrity, moral and physical courage and encourage others to do the same. I am courageous in the Community and the public.

Initiative: I take action to improve myself continuously, my team and Community, not only on the In-Game but in all areas, all the time.

Integrity: Integrity is the display of truth, honesty and fairness that gains respect and trust from others.

Professionalism: Work together to identify and achieve common purposes and objectives, Build inclusive partnerships and Deliver on Communities promises, and do it well

Accountability: I am accountable for my behavior and actions in my team, community and the public.

Respect: I value differences. I always respect others through my actions and my words.

Why Join the DoPJ?
Many people are regularly faced with the question “Why this community?” today we will answer that question.

The Department of Public Justice promotes the most realistic forms of roleplay possible in Grand Theft Auto, this is achieved by dedication to duty from all members.

Members of the Department of Public Justice have a will to win, a dedication to duty, a great sense of honor and compassion, a belief in honesty and the benefits of mateship and teamwork.

The Leadership Team strive for excellence in every task they perform. The Leadership Team is responsible for maintaining an exciting, professional/realistic experience in both our FiveM game server and Community. The Leadership Team all have prior/on-going Leadership experience and most considered subject-matter-experts (SME).

The Department of Development take action to improve the community continuously with continued development into Emergency Uniforms Pack (EUP), vehicle designs, and our CAD/MDT System!


  • Custom EUP
  • Custom Vehicle Designs
  • Extensive Criminal/Civil Law Research
  • Extensive State Statute (Criminal/Civil Law)
  • Extensive & Custom CAD/MDT System
  • Accurate Police, Emergency & Rescue Service Radio Telecommunication
  • Accurate and Extensively trained Police, Emergency and Rescue Services.

The Department of Public Justice attempts to provide an experience unlike no other in all of our Departments. This can be seen with our advanced in-depth Training Objectives, Training Procedures, and general professional nature shown by Members of those particular Departments.

Civilian Operations Command - (Recruiting)

About us:
The Civilian Operations Command (COC) is responsible for maintaining credible and realistic scenarios in a professional environment on the FiveM server.

Members of the Command have the unique opportunity to command a criminal empire or work a regular 9 to 5 or do both.

The Civilian Operations Command manage/maintain civil services and businesses in San Andreas including but not limited to; Roads & Maritime Services, Volunteer Firefighter, or National Parks & Wildlife Services Ranger all separate for each individual.

Civilian YouTube Videos

The Next Logan Paul?!?!?! (DoPJ RP Episodes #2 Civ) - YouTube

Alien 52 Vehicle Pursuit (DoPJ RP Episodes #1 LEO) - YouTube

Operational Communications Centre - (Recruiting)

About us:
The Operational Communications Centre (OCC) provides critical operational support to San Andreas State Troopers, Firefighters, Paramedics and Roads & Maritime Services in the field. The OCC is the first point of contact for the public requesting Police/Fire/Ambulance assistance in both emergency and non-urgent matters.
Department Page
OCC Certifications Page

San Andreas Fire Service Service (Recruiting)

Department Page
Our Preparedness
Committees and Strategic Alliances


San Andreas State Police - (Recruiting)

Department Page
General Duties Policing
Specialist Policing Opportunities
SASP Organizational Structure

Recruitment to the DoPJRP
Recruitment into the Department of Public Justice is one of the most advanced processes within the FiveM community. Our Members within the Department of Recruitment & Field Training (DoR&FT) are qualified to assist potential applicant/active applicants and current recruits within the Community with issues regarding training/integration.

Recruitment Requirements
  • Minimum Age: 15 Years old.
  • Working TeamSpeak 3 Client.
  • Fluent in English. (Written & Verbal)
  • A Willingness to Learn & Participate.
  • You must have a Clear & Audible Microphone.
  • Working Grand Theft Auto V (GTA5) and FiveM client.

Promotional Videos

In-Game Videos

Civilian Security Company
Innovative Protection TV AD - YouTube

Any Questions, Queries, Concerns, and Doubtful Points? Please feel free to contact our Recruitment Staff via the FiveM forum, our email address ([email protected]), our Public Relations Discord (, Instagram and Facebook page we aim to provide assistance and guidance throughout the Recruitment/Integration processes.

Courage | Initiative | Integrity | Professionalism | Accountability | Respect


2018/10/12 (In-Game Picture)

At 2100 hrs 2018 October 12th Police attached to the Palomino Highway Patrol detected a Black Chevy Tahoe at a speed of 105 mph
in a signed posted 65 mph on San Andreas Route 13, Sandy Shores.

The driver, a 37 year old male Sandy Shores who held a San Andreas drivers license (class c) was stopped and spoken to. He denied travelling at this speed stating prior to the offence. “Sorry I am I usually a good driver” .

In-Game Screenshots




(In-Game Photo)

Joint Operations with Vespucci Highway Patrol and Vinewood Highway Patrol Troopers encountered a man at approximately
1830 hours (6:30pm) 2018 November 16th at Maramonth Ave cross Prosperity St.

The individual a 22-Year-old Sandy Shores, BC resident was driving an unregistered black Yugo when he was detected driving at high speed. Troopers then initiated a Traffic Stop when the offender pulled to the side of the road.

The 22-Year-old attempted to evade Peace Officers by jumping out of the passenger side door and attempted to inform the Peace Officers that it wasn’t him who they had just made contact with, that it twin brother wearing the same clothing walking down the street.

The 22-Year-old Sandy Shores resident was charged with 8 charges.
→ Speeding.
→ Reckless Driving.
→ Resisting Arrest.
→ Evading a Peace Officer.
→ Obstruction of Justice.
→ Driving while unregistered.
→ Drivers License
- Section 4.
→ Vehicle Equiptment.
- Window Tint.
- Obstructed License Plate.

All up the 22-Year-old was fined $5, 560 and lost 6 demerit points. The 22-Year-old is now wanted by the County Sheriff’s Department in relations to Grand Theft Auto, and Felony Evading a Peace Officer he is currently at large within the Vespucci Area.

Anybody with information about William Chang the 22-Year-old is urged to contact Crime Stoppers with any information.

  • Phone; 133 555 345
  • Website; SA.Crime-Stoppers-Gov

One Badge. Unlimited Opportunities
San Andreas State Police is recruiting!

The Department of Public Justice Roleplay Community Members is proud supporters and (some) current members of Emergency Services, Armed Forces, Law Enforcement, and the online modding community. All images uploaded are taken from in-game unless stated otherwise.


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DoPJRP is a great group of people that actually creates most of the documentation that is used instead of various other group that are out there. DoPJRP is great I am the State Superintendent we will always be accepting members. Also FiveM you are not being nice about flagging our members posts that are promoting the community like we are supposed to be doing here.


Some older videos of the Department of Public Justice.

Great videos

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Department of Public Justice Roleplay Community
Est. 2017/01/01.
Official Website
Official Facebook Page
Official Public Relations Discord
Official Public Relations Teamspeak - Not a link, copy and paste this into TS address bar

Announcement: 2018-12-20

The Department of Recruitment and Field Training (DoR&FT) Officers will not be staffing our Interview TeamSpeak from 2018-12-23 to 2018-12-27 Zulu Standard Time. Our Interviewing Staff will return at 2400 hrs

Dates we will not be available:

Any further questions please contact us via our Email Address “[email protected]” or our Public Relations Discord Server.

Our Deputy Director Erving Q. will be releasing a new series on his Youtube Channel about his roleplay events in the Dept. of Public Justice be sure to check it out! The release date is 2018-12-21.
Links are available in our Public Relations Discord.

DoPJ Website
Anybody attempting to access our website may experience some issues over the next few days due to minor changes from our Department of Development Team and Website Developers.

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Department of Public Justice Roleplay Community
Est. 2017/01/01.
Official Website
Official Facebook Page
Official Public Relations Discord
Official Public Relations Teamspeak - Not a link, copy and paste this into TS address bar

Welcome to 2019 all,

Over our Christmas & New Years stand down our Maintenance Teams have been working tirelessly to work on our FiveM game server and Official Public Relations to better inform the Public.

Upgrades & Additions

FiveM Game server:
  • (Paused Map) Added the ability for Emergency Services zones Displayed/Topographical/Street Directory.
  • Emergency Uniforms Pack Update: (Fire) & (Ambulance) Services have received additional textures/uniforms.
  • Updated Firearm Textures: (Handguns, Shotguns & Rifles).
  • All streets in San Andreas now display the appropriate display: (E.g/ No longer US Route (#) it now displays SA Route (#) and all other appropriate names added.
Official Public Relations Discord
  • Notified Tags; This gives Server Members the ability to be notified whenever a video regarding the Department of Public Justice is published to the Public.
  • Relaxed Lobby: This has become Discord/Picture central on our Public Discord.

These are just some of the Updates/Upgrades we are allowed to release at this time as our other endeavours are currently in Beta Testing (Not very stable at this current time) however, come along for the journey with the team.

Photos from the stand down

FireService image0 NOAH SASPNewYears

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Great bumps come in big bumps. Bump.

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(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)

Members from the Traffic & Highway Patrol Command Strike Force conducting stationary radar on the side of Joshua Rd.

Distracted Driving: 10
Driving Without a License: 2
Driving Under the Influence of an Illicit Substance: 35
Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol: 5

It was a successful operation according to Chief Superintendent Noah F. with the Palomino Highway Patrol.

Screenshot_36 Screenshot_53

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Speeding past an unexpected speed trap really wasn’t a great idea on my part… haha

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Here’s a screenshot not for the faint of heart. The deer ranout into the road into the side of my vehicle, it went flying and almost killed my vehicle. IRL that would have totaled my vehicle for sure!

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Mr. Santo here (escaped convict) thought he could get away with his following warrant charges:

  1. Felony Evasion
  2. Hit & Run
  3. Conspiracy to commit murder
  4. attempted armed robbery
  5. attempted vehicular manslaughter
  6. Grand Theft Auto
    Suffice it to say the Los Santos Police Department caught up with him and slammed his narrow-azz in jail!


Out for a bit of a fly overSandy Shores in what is clearly a beautiful sunny day on the Department of Public Justice FiveM server. (Civilian Operations Command)

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The Department of Public Justice Role-Play community is focused on professionalism and group play.

Today we have commenced a specialised advertising programme for the following departments, being the San Andreas Fire Service, San Andreas Ambulance Service, and Civilian Operations Command.
The DoPJ would like to focus on advancing these departments in both membership and knowledge, and as these have had the lowest application rate in the last few months we have decided to focus on these two specifically.
Therefore we would like to invite anyone who would be interested in joining either of these two fine departments to join our Public Relations Discord and feel free to ask any question in the #ask-a-dopj-member channel, or if you would like to get the application process started straight away, you can head on over to our website at and fill in an initial employment application under the Careers tab.

Our special recruitment cycle is nearly finished for our Fire Service! But our Civilian Operations Command is actively recruiting!