Department of Cops Roleplay | Female and Male EUP | Custom EUP | Custom Liveries | Beards and Hair | Civ Clothes | Whitelisted | Looking for Civilian Operation Director | Active staff | 15+ | SAFR | BCSO | LSCSO | SASP

Department of Cops Roleplay

Looking for an in-depth emergency service Roleplay server, well look no further!!! We provide a professional and mature environment to have fun and enjoy mature members of the FiveM community playing in peace and harmony. Expect the best at DOCRP.

What we look for in new members?

~ Mature 15+ individuals
~ FiveM and a Working Mic
~ Ability to pass our whitelist interview
~ Best RP scenarios you can give

How to join?
Below you will find our discord, all you have to do is join and either fill out the application provided and wait for a response OR you may wait until there is a verbal hiring our where we will get multiple staff members to come and get interviews done with people waiting in the same spot as you! Make sure that you are ready for 5-10 minutes for that interview as they will ask questions about the way your RP is conducted. Also if you are interested in a department you can bypass the Written portion if you try and join upon arrival into the community.

What our content looks like?

You will find our social medias in our discord below, but we can share the things we feature in our server!!!

~ Custom EUP
~ Custom Car Liveries
~ High Quality Scripts and MLOs
~ Constant staff moderation to avoid any unpleasantries within the community
~ Plenty of Opportunities in different departments
~ Sub-Divisions: K-9, TRT, SWAT, Gang Unit, Detective’s Division, Air Unit, Search and Rescue, along with our fire divisions like Hazmat, Rescue, and Aquatics

So why not join today and feel the experience?



I recommend joining the server joined like 3 weeks ago maybe more now but this is a fun server to rp on




SAFR has opened, fleet pictures will be sent later

Fire Department is Great! Custom liveries and eup, plus fire hose script!

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