Department Head Looking For A Server!

We would be happy to get you settled in a new home.

Still lookin! Unfortunately the above server didn’t work out.

Still looking! And to clarify, I am looking to be a department head. I’ve had people needing clarification so

hey so i am deputy commissioner in a server called Alabama State Roleplay we are a brand new server just launched in august on the 28th we have room and are needing higher ups and maybe even sub department heads ill drop our discord if u like this offer click it. Alabama State Roleplay

Add my on discord, Price#4303. Your discord doesn’t work.

Still looking, above server is not gonna work out!

Still looking! Unfortunately the above server didn’t work out at all. (He deleted the post)

Bump! Still looking!

Still looking!

Bump! Still looking!!!

Contact me BxJake524#7647


come check us out. New Server based in Texas, trying to make it as serious and realistic as possible

Still looking!

Bump! Still looking!

What about QBCore? you interested?

Discord: LOLOL RP

Still looking!! Reminder, only interested in VMENU. Please don’t comment if your server is Economy/ESX/QBCore…


Bump! Still lookin!

Our server (here) is looking for department heads.
We use vMenu, based off of DOJ. Our in-game vehicles are recreations of DOJ’s.
However, we are very new and currently have a small player-base, but I think we’re worth checking out regardless.