Department Head Looking For A Server!

Hello! I’m currently looking to be a department head! I’ve ran departments for 3-4+ years. I am 18 And I am currently looking for a server with the following: VMENU ONLY!!! active/fairly active player base, no leaked cars, and little/no micro managing. You may DM me on discord rsatemp#7174. I have LEO And fire EUP, vehicles, liveries, and documents ready to us!



Vemnu servers only please. Not at all interested in ESX or economy


Custom framework if you interested



Bump! Still looking for a Vmenu server needing department head(s).

I’m working on a Vmenu server and we still need department heads. we’re looking for Fire, comms, and BCSO heads. Add me, my Discord is King Foxx#0833

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Still looking! come check us out!

▬▬▬ Rack City RP ▬▬▬

Rack City RP is a Roleplay server with lost of:
⦁ Unique Scripts
⦁ Custom MLO’s
⦁ Custom cars and bikes
⦁ Alot of legal and illegal jobs
⦁ Gang Controlled Drugs

We are aiming for Hard Roleplay , with a realistic economy.
We are currently hiring Police , EMS and Mechanics.
Join us now to receive a Free City Starting Kit and extra rewards for referring players to the city.
See you there !

Please no economy/ESX! Thanks!

East Side Roleplay
Custom EUP
Custom Vehicles
Need LSPD/SSPD Dept. Head.
Brand new server

Check out DHSRP:
Long standing server, vMenu based, great community.
Undergoing new ownership and massive improvements lined up!

Still looking! Just to clarify, I am not at all interested in ESX/Economy. Only Vmenu based servers.

Please ignore the previous replies, this used to be a “looking for server post”, but had to rename it due to forum rules.