Department Head looking for a new server

Hello! I’m currently looking to be a department head! I’ve ran departments for 3-4+ years. I am 17 And I am currently looking for a server with the following: VMENU ONLY!!! active/fairly active player base, no leaked cars, and little/no micro managing. You may DM me on discord rsatemp#4244. I am looking to do LEO/Fire.



Vemnu servers only please. Not at all interested in ESX or economy


Custom framework if you interested



Bump! Still looking for a Vmenu server needing department head(s).

I’m working on a Vmenu server and we still need department heads. we’re looking for Fire, comms, and BCSO heads. Add me, my Discord is King Foxx#0833

Still looking! come check us out!

▬▬▬ Rack City RP ▬▬▬

Rack City RP is a Roleplay server with lost of:
⦁ Unique Scripts
⦁ Custom MLO’s
⦁ Custom cars and bikes
⦁ Alot of legal and illegal jobs
⦁ Gang Controlled Drugs

We are aiming for Hard Roleplay , with a realistic economy.
We are currently hiring Police , EMS and Mechanics.
Join us now to receive a Free City Starting Kit and extra rewards for referring players to the city.
See you there !

Please no economy/ESX! Thanks!

East Side Roleplay
Custom EUP
Custom Vehicles
Need LSPD/SSPD Dept. Head.
Brand new server

Check out DHSRP:
Long standing server, vMenu based, great community.
Undergoing new ownership and massive improvements lined up!

Still looking! Just to clarify, I am not at all interested in ESX/Economy. Only Vmenu based servers.

Please ignore the previous replies, this used to be a “looking for server post”, but had to rename it due to forum rules.