Deluxe Roleplay | Non-Whitelist, Realistic RP, Realistic Economy, Housing, HEISTS, Player Owned Businesses, Active Police

What is Deluxe Roleplay?

Deluxe Roleplay is a serious roleplay economy based server with some of FiveM’s most unique and advanced features. We have perfectly crafted our server with the players in mind after-all we’ve been there. Deluxe Roleplay considers all suggestions and ideas. We are looking to continue to grow our Community while also maintaining a fair and balanced roleplay server. We hope you enjoy what we have to offer and hope to see you in the City soon!

What does Deluxe Roleplay have to offer?:

  • Serious Roleplaying Community
  • Non Toxic Staff
  • Monthly Updates
  • Economy that is Balanced
  • Active Police & EMS
  • In-Depth public Jobs
  • Whitelisted Jobs
  • Lore Friendly Vehicles
  • Custom Civilian Clothing
  • Female Hairstyles
  • Male Hairstyles
  • Game-Changing Quality of Life plugins
  • Player Owned Businesses

Job Opportunities:

  • Electrician - Don’t get shocked!
  • Oil Rig - Supply Los Santos with Oil, it pays very good!
  • Gruppe Sechs - Pickup money from Banks around the city and delivery it to ATMS.
  • Mining - Hazardous job with very good pay.
  • Lumberjack - Destroy the oxygen supply and make a good buck while doing it!
  • Builder - Become a contractor that is contracted to work on houses.
  • Window Washing - You get to see some of Los Santos’s most beautiful views!
  • Treasure Hunter - Scuba Dive for crates with prizes!
  • Post Man - Deliver packages around the city.
  • Garbage Collector - Clean up the city!
  • Delivery Job - Deliver packages around the city.

Criminal Opportunities:

  • Advanced Drug System
  • Oxy Runs
  • Heists
  • Store Robberies ( Very in depth )
  • Whitelisted Gang status(s)
  • Custom Gang Clothing
  • Custom Gang MLO
  • Custom Gang Sprays

County Sheriff & Los Santos Fire Dept

Thrive in a safe and secure community with top-tier emergency services! Our dedicated EMS and Sheriff department are some of the best in FiveM, with years of experience keeping the streets safe. Whether you need medical attention or have a run-in with trouble, you can rely on our highly trained responders to handle the situation.

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Join our friendly & active roleplay community. Enjoy continuous updates & a thriving roleplay experience. We are more than happy to accommodate you whether you are new to roleplay or have roleplayed for years, come join us!

Experience Roleplay like never before, Experience Deluxe Roleplay.


A good community where the owners treat you right. There’s plenty jobs to do and so much more

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Deluxe Roleplay is a good community where the owners treat you right. There’s plenty jobs to do and so much more!