:us_outlying_islands: TheHubRP | Looking for staff. And Department Heads.

You can also DM me on discord: CreatorsCentral#0001

**TheHubRP your future GTA V FIVEM RP vMenu Hybrid Server! **

Welcome to THRP! Changing the vMenu playing style! We understand that the FiveM vMenu servers have quite the bad rep. In all actuality, in most of the servers we joined that fit in this category have their own share of issues. There are few in-between, that don’t get enough recognition they so rightly deserve.

By no means is anyone perfect, but I think we hit the nail on what we wanna build and have built.

THRP vMenu Hybrid server is a server Packed full of things. 300+ Addon cars, 2500+ Clothing options, 160 MLO’s, Custom weapons, vary strict RP play style. Our server is a story server. When you login you make a character in our framework. From there you spawn into the world of LS and start your beginnings. Be on the side of protection and join the 4 departments we have that keep law and order. Create a Crew to create gangs or build businesses. Own a house?! Go hunt or camp, build a drag car for drag week, or heck buy a junk car and turn it into a drift car. We have 2 tracks.

Simple Clean Hud. & LEO Radar

Custom Cad for Indepth character overview.

Uploading: cad.PNG…

Custom Department Panels to limit discord. Each Department has one!

Get a Job with our Job center that sends applications Straight to the Departments.