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We are still looking for Staff Members & LEO to fulfill positions in the departments!

Just recently published our site custom made, come stop by and check out what we have to offer! We are already planning on the next major update!

Looking for department members still as we progress slowly. Once we get a significant amount of members, we’ll begin advertising the patrol time…which is completely optional if you rather prefer to play later or such. The server is always active and restarts happen after midnight depending on what we add or configure!

We just released a mini sized update introducing brand new features to our server and assets that will be coming soon!

  • Soda Machine Interaction

  • Website Development Project ( COMING SOON! )

  • More clothing for civilians ( COMING SOON) )

  • Engine Sound Modifier

  • New Speed Limit UI & Speed Limiter

Daily updates, bug fixes, and much more are to be introduced very soon. Come check it out! :slight_smile:

We just released a massive update that introduces the bug fixes and much more ideal functions that civilians can’t turn down!

Come check it out :slight_smile:

We just released 15+ vehicles into our server for civilians followed up with a mini clothing pack for civilians!

We are still looking for some people to fulfill the positions available

Server Positions:

[Department Opportunities]

  • Los Santos Police Department High Command

  • Trial Moderation Positions (Open Interview)

I’m sure there will be more opportunties within the server soon, come check us out :slight_smile:

We are still looking for staff members and a 01 for LSPD!

ur discord link dont work