Delete the post. Thanks.


Any chance of adding a sql file for some of us? :speak_no_evil:

you can find it in readme on github:

but, if you want it as a file, enjoy:
petshopsql.sql (407 Bytes)

could it be passed to esx legacy?

yes, it’s possible

Could someone change it to legacy… I wish I knew how to do it

nice work

Thank you! :grinning: i know little about actually creating new fields in the DB. So a hugeeee thank you!!
Update :
This is great! Works well and is a cool feature :laughing: I like it when the dog is in the car :rofl:

awesome job dude

thank u all guys

pretty sure this is → [PAID][ESX][QBCORE]Pets+ With Police K9 Included, even the images are the same

can i get help ALT eye on ped wont work

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Yup, the guy is a scumbag just le aking my paid stuff. Can even see it ln the github