Delete this

Deleted. It was a really bad sheriffs office enhancement mod. New Coming Soon.


This looks sick about to test it out on my server :slight_smile:

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I hope you’ll like it :+1:t3:

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Very simple and very cool. Thx for this

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Im pretty sure that I was the one who originally thought of this. A while back I created a Ymap of the SSPD with stairs going up to a helipad and I couldnt find any other release like mine. Please correct me if im wrong. I did make something close to this for my server.

My previous usernames were Jumpmaster746 and CrazyTaxi746 if that rings a bell

Could be, but then there’s the fact again that I’ve seen multiple that have stairs to roof but then again they don’t have the other stuff

I also included a heli pad with railings

I mean if you want credits, I’ll give, even tho i’m pretty sure I’ve never even seen yours as i got the idea from the one that had like 3 helipads and one of em was on the roof.

I didnt like the idea of having a ton of helipads everywhere so I had one on the roof that was enclosed with a fence and stair going to the roof

Again, i got no fences on the roof or barriers, as that wouldn’t make sense, also i tried to be realistic with mine. Also googled ur both names and no creations came up related to a pd enhancement

Amazing i have been looking for a map mod to add a helipad on sspd thank you!

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No problem mate, hope you enjoy it :grinning: