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Ohh very nice bro!

Cool. Could you make them in different colours? Maybe an option to be able to put multiple down at a time?

can you make non esx?


Brilliant script! Easy to install, easy to configure. I added the items to my shops and b00m, that was it. The car alarm activations was a nice touch too!

Suggestion(s) for the future releases.

  • Make peds afraid of them upon launch.
  • Make gas pumps explode if fired within X amount of distance.

Absolutely brilliant script buddy.

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That is coming soon

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Verry nice script man! Looks dope!!! It would be nice to have a setting to press a key to make all the fireworks go off at once.

I wrote it for vRP, it ain’t that hard.

Amazing script!

I think the most important thing to add is allowing player to place them and press a key to blow them up. and maybe allowing a limit set in config that can be placed :slight_smile:
Thank you.

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Pls help me, this dasnt work. I can`t use item.

how can i give firework with /giveitem ??

It says it can’t load the server/main script?