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I would honestly just start with a low player limit at first then build from there, creating an economy server takes months and months; not because it’s hard to make but integrating everything in a unique way takes time. Ultimately just start it on a local host or the cheapest plan on something like zap hosting, then go from there, I say all this because looking back even if you’re working full time it’ll take at least a month or two before you have a server that is worth coming back to. One thing to consider is trying to start a vMenu server it is a lot easier and is a good way to learn the ropes then go from there.

You already have a city? Just curious but why ESX when most servers are moving away from ESX? Your decent with server stuff??? I am assuming your not a developer then as if you were you would just say that. So what are your plans as far as development and building a server to attract a player base?

i tried doing a esx server awhile back but never got one going but now im running a qbus server by my self making mlos and trying to learn car decals

Hey Trionic, I have added you on discord!


Hey Troionic,

I’ve reached out to you recently on Discord but haven’t receieved a response back. Hoping to hear back from you on Discord (PeEcEeChIP#0001).


Sent you a friend request hope to hear back from you!