Delete please xx

@JFoster I can Dev for your Indian server as I am one.

Also can give ideas to grow your community.

I’d like to throw out there that this server is so good. I’ve only spent a few days on it but the staff is extremely friendly and helpful. I haven’t felt belittled. As far as the city environment and economy… it’s the best I have seen. You can tell the owner is having fun managing this server with how friendly his staff is. For a 85 player slot server I was worried if the RP would suffer. Let me tell you this. It does not. I am amazed at how perfect this is.

LMFAO, nice icons btw


Sending this to the top.

!Bump, new significant updates and changes - come join the best city on FiveM,

Read main post for more details.


3-5 days application time for a limited time only.

Read Main Post.

jfosters now allowing to enter the game ?

@JFoster why don’t you open another public subversion server. Definately it give you Benifit.

sir allow me to join the sarver.

allow me join me sarver

Can u join us

U can join our css development . Contact me - GhxsTy#8427

LOVE YOU JACK! YA SISTASass! :slight_smile:

can i join ur server plz ?

how to join

What is the requirements for SERP 3.0 server i cant join…

i cant join svrp 3.0 can u help plz

i want to jojn bro